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But You've Seen The Sky

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I posted this on my Instagram last week:

“Why stop at the ceiling when God showed me the sky? Why get on the airplane if I’m too scared to fly?”

How powerful could you become if you realized your only limitation was you?


Don’t keep crawling when you know you have the capacity to fly.

Go ahead and free yourself.

Self perceived limitations have been kryptonite in my life for as long as I can remember. If you look at my life, well, it's apparent I'm a risk taker. However, I am twice as cautious as I am risky which means there is no telling where I'd be if I didn't tell myself I didn't belong there.

But I've seen the possibilities and I can't "unsee" them so it's time to aim for the sky.

I have no magic formula for doing so (if I did, I'd be discussing them with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday as opposed to drinking coffee in my house, thinking about laundry and dinner). However, if I was just "sharing" my thoughts about bypassing the ceiling and aiming for the sky I would say:

  • Notice whose voice is repeating your limitations and ask why it's still so prevalent in our lives. Sometimes, without even knowing it, we are tuned into our nine year old selves when our teacher told us we were merely "mediocre" in front of our entire magnet school class (yes, that really happened). Who told us we couldn't do x, y, z? And why are their voices still louder than our own? I am aware that there could be multiple voices (that's another blog post) but awareness is the first step to getting rid of them...which leads me to:

  • Overruling any and everything and any and everyone from your past who keeps you from being your whole self in the present. Acknowledging such barriers without getting rid of them is voluntarily staying on the hamster wheel. Any physical reminder of a time and place where you were limited by someone else's thoughts and opinions about you, get rid of it. Address the voices in your head. Speak to them out loud. Repeat your affirmations. Journal your path back to ownership of your destiny. See a therapist. Rinse and repeat.

  • Speak and believe for BIGGER and BETTER. It's not "woo woo"ish to claim the life you desire. So many of us have been taught not to brag or boast and it keeps us from declaring we want more ("we" is me but I digress). If you want a Cadillac, you are not conceited or arrogant for saying so. If you want to own the company where you work, you are not conceited or arrogant for saying so. If you want to be on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, you are not conceited or arrogant for saying so (waiting on Oprah to call me right now). Walk and talk like it's already yours.

Listen to some Mary Mary while you speak the direction you're headed. And that's UP!

I'll see you in the sky.

Well, first, I'll see you at Balanced Body's virtual Pilates on Tour this Saturday! I'll be discussing my new concept SOULates; one of those concepts I created when I was aiming for the sky.

It's going to be a great week.


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