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I want to help people reconnect to their power through movement. Period.


 I am a 'hood kid from the South Side of Chicago and I know what it’s like to be overlooked and left out merely because of where I lived and how I looked. I remember the feeling of exclusion; the shame, the pain, the questioning of my worth and the feeling of just wanting to give up. I never want anyone to feel like that ever in life. I can't control the world but, in my world, no one ever will if I can help it.  


I create spaces where people can not feel not only safe and seen but a space where they feel like they can be successful without feeling like they have to check off society’s boxes about what it means to be “worthy” or, in the case of this industry, “fit and healthy.”  We are living in a time where we are aware of our “separateness” and aware of who has been excluded (consciously or unconsciously) when it comes to



I believe I am on this earth to help change the narrative.




 I am a graduate of Tennessee State University where I earned a Bachelors of Science in Sociology (the study of human society; race, gender, aging, relationships, work) and a minor in psychology (the study of mind and behavior). It was an important mix that led me to working in non-profit as a family planning counselor, neighborhood organizer and a post employment specialist for women transitioning from public assistance to work. And, as a former food stamp recipient (more times in my life than I’d like to remember), I worked for the State of Tennessee as a benefits eligibility counselor. To watch the lack of respect these families were treated with led me to not only wanting to run as far away from this office as possible but be in a space of helping these people empower themselves (not just financially) and wanting to do more in life because I knew I was made for more. In  2001, I graduated from Tennessee State University again, this time with a Master’s of Science in Counseling. I was going through a divorce and afraid of limiting my options (ability to take care of my young son) so I decided to add organizational counseling as my extra concentration as I had experienced my share of damaging work culture. 


I was 25. This is where I built thick skin, resilience, the ability to think and create on my feet; all of which I would need when I entered the world of fitness 3 years later. During those three years, I worked as a counselor for Family and Children’s Services, in an herbs and vitamin store and became the director of a nutrition education program geared towards lower income families.


• Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

• Certified Integrative Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

• Certified Quantum Coach (Quantum Coaching)

• AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

• AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

• ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

• Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor

• Certified Piloxing Instructor and Former Master Trainer

• Certified Meditation Instructor

• Certified Yoga Instructor

• Certified Integrative Movement Specialist (Balanced Body)

• Zumba Instructor

• Certified Barre Instructor 

I have my share of certifications that are expired or I never ever used (and wouldn't again) but if you'e ever met me then you know I've done A LOT of training. I am also in the process of completing certifications in Ayurvedic coaching, yin yoga, kundalini yoga, corrective exercise specialist, stretch and mobility specialist and functional fitness specialist. I guess it's the magnet school kid in me. 



I have taught at just about every gym in my city (yes, seriously). I have taught at conferences and on a college level. I have taught differently able adults, pre schoolers and seniors. I have trained CEO’s, attorneys, college professors, engineers, meteorologists, stay at home moms, couples, mothers and daughters, sisters and local celebrities. Each population and each movement modality created a different experience. I am currently featured on John Garey TV and Balanced Body. I can also be found somewhere with a boom box searching for the next place to pull up and start a class.  Getting movement to the people is what I do. 

My speaking engagements picked up tremendously, unfortunately, after George Floyd’s death. It was then that our industry was willing to listen to voices yet unheard. I was vulnerable in my own story, abundant in knowledge and powerful in my story telling. I am not a certified DEI consultant but my personal experience gave me more than enough material to create and present content worth sharing.

• IDEA World (2021, 2022)

• IDEA Personal Training Institute (2022, 2023)

• BRINK Conference (2020, 2021-virtual)

• Flex & Flow Empowerment Camp (2021)

• Shift Con (2020 - virtual)

• Momentum Fest (2021, 2022)

• Piloxing Ringside (2021-virtual)

• Glow Wellness Tour (2021 -virtual)

• ACTIVATE, (2021, 2022)

                                                  Fit Rendezvous (2022)

Pilates on Tour (2022)

Pilates Method Alliance Conference (2022)

Contributing Blogger:

• Pilates Anytime (2021)

• Balanced Body (2020-21)

I have also been on several podcasts, including my own (check out the features page even though I'm pretty sure I missed one or ten). See Her Healthy is a podcast that grew out of the non-profit I created by the same name to offer to health and wellness services to women to live their best lives without having to be worried about how much it costs. It is still in its infancy phase but for every ounce of work I do, for every certification and scholarship I obtain, it will be used to add to my strength as a bridge; to connect us one to another. I am focused on cultivating healthy partnerships in health and wellness companies, fitness facilities and among instructors and trainers and the clients who trust them.


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