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#FromBackInTheDay Bye, Felicia (2015)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Note: I originally wrote this blog at the end of 2015 and, honestly, I needed the reminder. I updated the pictures so Tasha the 2022 version could take it in. It's still relevant and it's still my goal. #Joy

I wish Felicia was chocolate and Starbucks.

My life would be easier if I could just say, "Bye!" and be over it.

Chocolate and Starbucks could NEVER be Felicia.

Let's just stop talking about it, o.k.?

Let me tell you who Felicia is.

Felicia is anything or anyone that is in my way of JOY. I am choosing joy starting right now. I want more joy in the food I eat, the classes I teach, the prayers I pray, the mountains I must climb, the company I keep, the miles I run, the air I breathe, the injuries I face, the struggles I must overcome.

Often times Felicia is the voice in my head.

Felicia is the "friend" who wants me to play small so they can feel better about themselves. Felicia is the weight scale hanging out in the corner of my closet. Felicia is the long list of obligations I took on to make myself feel important. Felicia is the gluten that makes me sick. Felicia is that one yoga pose I only want to do because I saw it on Instagram and it would make me look like a rock star. Felicia is the pair of stilettos I insisted on trying to get my wide, flat feet in knowing it would make my knee swell.

Often times, Felicia is the guilt of my past.

Felicia is the character I've created when I didn't want to be Tasha. Felicia is the job I took only because of money. Felicia is the thought that my feelings aren't valid. Felicia is fear. Felicia is doubt. Felicia is negativity. Felicia is self-imposed stress. Felicia is lack of confidence. Felicia is taking everything personally.

Felicia is everything I'm saying deuces to because I don't have time for it. My life is waiting.

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